Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Your big bass, gives me sizzles

The year 2,000,000 B.C., the time: the future, the place: Miami. Armed with swords and glory the Miami Bass Warriors have crash landed to save us from danger. Otto Von Schirach, José el Rey, Debbie D (from Avenue D) and El Tigre, come together like bistec y papa fritas and satisfy your instinctual needs. From the Little Havana Anthem "Going Back to Calle Ocho" to the pop locking "Breakfire" they were born for Bass. Low. Loud. Lovely.

Special guests Basside and the TM Sisters will add more booty and more lasers to the night!

Celebrate local artist, hero and (((SHAKE))) friend, Junk's birthday bash, he did the glorious drawing of our beloved Miami Bass Warriors.

DJ's DOORMOUSE, ALEX CASO, A-TRAIN, DS + JOHNNY STROKES play the finest hip hop, Miami bass, freestyle, reggae, funk, rock + soul.

It's DIRTY HOUR from 10-11 with Colt 45 Tallboys for only a dollar! Add a shot of Jaeger for the recession proof $7 Dirty (((SHAKE)))

Always $7 Colt 45 Quarts, live Nintendo playing, food from Miami Grill + mas sorpresas for your enjoyment!

Doors at 10pm. Do your job. (((SHAKE)))

The Vagabond 30 NE 14th St Downtown Miami

For questions, to sign up for the weekly Colt 45 Quart Chug Contest, or plan a Birthday/Special Event at (((SHAKE))) Email:

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